managed services for your business


Preventative Action

One of our key priorities it preventative action. With advancements in information technology, we are able to analyze your network and do away with a break-fix approach to IT maintenance.

Web Development

Our Web Development team in conjunction with our photography partner will produce a beautiful and responsive website based on your desires.

Data Management & Recovery

Our on-site servers will provide a safer and more reliable network for your business to operate. Automatic data back up solutions are also available whether it be a desktop workstation or a POS System, we have the data recovery solution for you.

Nimble Business

With our suite of services your business will be light as a feather and able to operate more efficiently. We will analyze and explore your current operations and provide feedback and solutions to improve efficiency.


uuTech is the one-stop shop for businesses in the digital era

uuTech provides peace of mind to businesses operating in the fast-paced world that we currently live in. A sit down with a uuRep could uncover a mountain of needs and areas of improvement for your business.

Whether you're a well established business or still developing a business plan for your start-up, a partnership with uuTech will only be another resource for your business to use to grow. We offer competitive rates for web design, and next-to-none support on the IT side of things.

  • uubox

    Our most advanced and intuitive service. Run your business on a private network deterring hackers and minimizing risk. Cloud computing can also cut IT costs by 80% - iCorps Technology

  • uufix

    Our remote assistance service will solve any software issue virtually without ever having to send a technician out for service. 52% of business saw a decrease in IT costs after implementation.

  • uuweb

    A business without a website, may as well not even exist. About 85% of websites are never visited, this is due to the fact that the majority of them are created by artists and not by marketers. We happen to be the latter

  • uubiz

    Implementing uuBiz will help your business 100%. Whether we develop marketing strategies, help establish a social presence, or simply help your business get online, we provide a solution that will make your business nimble.



Network Administration
Assists in bringing your business up to speed in the digital age. Provides valuable expertise in the areas of networking and all-things-digital


Graphic Design
Brings new life to your brand by consulting with clients to bring their message to their logo. Also acts as our in-house photographer.


Systems Engineer
Basically the plumber of computers. Master of the inner-layings of computers and networks. Assists in building your new network or fixing existing leaks and clogs

Mitchell Rodgers

Web Development & Marketing
Provides business guidance in the internet era. Whether it be Social Media or Ad Marketing, Web Sites, or budgeting strategies, we can help your business to operate more nimble.

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